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Kawasan Canyoneering Tour: Cebu’s Greatest Adventure

Kawasan Canyoneering Tour

Cebu’s greatest adventure is here. Canyoneering gives you the satisfaction if you’re looking for an adventure. Our Kawasan Canyoneering Tour package in Cebu is a total package that comes with transportation already. Therefore, you should invite your group of friends now and travel with us!

Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls Tour will let you experience the definition of extreme adventure. During the activity, you will do trekking, jumping, sliding and more surprising things to do. Hence, this canyoneering activity is one of the breathtaking and irresistible type of tour to do so.


Kawasan Canyoneering Tour

Canyoneering Tour won’t disappoint you’re extra adventure craving. There are local guides that will join and assist you too during the activity. To insure that each guests is safe, therefore the management provide enough helmets and life jackets for them to use.

Kawasan Canyoneering Tour Adventure

In order for you not to miss any of your jumps and trekking activity, make sure to bring your cellphones, go pros and any other cameras for documentation. It is a one day trip yet a lifetime memory of experience with your loved one or family. Treasure every moment and embrace the beauty of nature.

During the canyoneering activity you will meet new people which you can consider socializing and getting out the most of yourself. This activity’s advantage is not just giving you the pleasure you are looking for but also the chance to explore more outside of your comfort zone.

Two Girls wearing green helmet and red life jacket.

A feeling of ecstasy as you slide yourselves down to the running water is like cleansing yourself and freeing from your stressful work. You can float and dip in the very cold and so refreshing water. Get to enjoy all the way to Kawasan Falls and be brief enough to try all the heights.


Kawasan Falls has a strong range of water that might swipe you out in an instance if you will go to the danger zone. It is still highly recommended for everyone to be very aware and follow all the tour guide’s instruction.

The most important and awaited part of the tour is the Kawasan Falls! Here in Kawasan Falls you can cool down, relax, stretch yourself from those jumps and trekking you just did and enjoy swimming. You can also experience their bamboo rafting.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details and we will assist you.

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