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Siquijor Coastal Tour Package : Island Day Tour

Siquijor Tour Packages

Siquijor Coastal Tour Packages is a definition of perfection. The island is so amazing, it has lots of amazing places to visit. It can only take a day to explore the island. If you want to escape from traffic for a while, you can come and visit the island so we are making a perfect package for you, the Siquijor Coastal Tour Package.  The island has 2 ports that are accessible to Bohol, Dumaguete, Cebu and Plaridel.

Old Enchanted Tree (Siquijor Coastal Tour Package)

The Old Enchanted Tree is very famous not only in the island but also in other places in Asia. In addition to that, the tree is already 400 years old. The story of this enchanted tree is very interesting, they said it is the house of spirits. However, behind those superstitious beliefs, many people became eager to visit the island just to know more about the enchanted tree. Join our Siquijor Coastal Tour and discover the island.

At the bottom of the tree, there are lots of fishes. This is one of the reason why many tourists visit the island.

With our Siquijor Island Tour, you will experience foot spa. It tickles when the fishes will bite your feet.

The island is very old, as it is already 400 years of existence. Before, at the bottom of the tree, there is a flowing water. People used to make this spot as a laundry area, but since then, it becomes one of the top rated place in Siquijor.

I’m very much sure that you will enjoy visiting the island with our Siquijor Coastal Tour. In Balete Tree, it is fun to try foot spa with the tickling bite of the fishes.

Feeling hungry with the whole tour? There is a restaurant beside balete tree, you can relax and eat there. The restaurant is on the second floor while on the first floor is the souvenir shop. Be comfortable with our Siquijor Coastal Tour Package.

Siquijor Coastal Tour - Balete Tree

Our Siquijor Coastal Tour Package is designed for you in a very  affordable price. Above all, it is perfect for you vacation. Come and visit the island.

Siquijor Coastal Tour - Balete Tree

It’s more fun in Siquijor Island, it gives you relaxation and enjoyment. With our Siquijor Tour Package, we give you the expectation that you want.

You can always contact us for more details.

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