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Siquijor Island Tou

Affordable Siquijor Island Tour Package

Affordable Siquijor Island Tour Package

Siquijor Island is dubbed as a place of no return. It is the remarkable statement as tourists who come over here don’t want to go back with their places. It is because, the beauty of its nature itself is captivating and irresistible. Our Affordable Siquijor Tour Package gives you the chance to explore the island in a very affordable and relaxing way.

Siquijor Island itself is competitive when it comes to natural resources and nature. It is only a small province with 6 municipalities but let us consider the number of  tourist coming each year. That’s how the people love and adore the beauty of Siquijor Island.

Salagdoong Beaach

Salagdoong Beach Resort - Affordable Tour Package

.Salagdoong Beach Resort is located in Olang, Maria, Siquijor. One of the most highlighted part is the cliff diving. Therefore many tourists were busy trying this activity. The resort has a very beautiful white sand beach. Moreover, it is not only for day use purposes but also for an overnight stay. If you don’t wish to rent cottages, you may bring tents and install it on the white sand while spending the rest of the night. Salagdoong Beach Resort has many activities to enjoy too. Namely, kayaking, sliding, snorkeling and banana boating.

Hapitanan Broom Shot Challenge

Hapitanan Broom Shot Challenge

Siquijor Island Tour Package will let you experience a unique and extraordinary activity. Why not try this broom shot challenge in Hapitanan Lazi instead? It is n activity where you’re like riding a broom as you jump and someone will capture a perfect shot for you. Apparently, this activity is one of those newly discover. Therefore, everyone shouldn’t miss it.

Balete Tree

Siquijor Tour - Balete Tree

Siquijor Balete Tree is located in Campalanas, Lazi, Siquijor. Foot spa is famous in this place. Along its sides are some souvenir shops where you can select stuffs to collect. For instance, while enjoying your foot spa, you may have a “buko” or fresh coconut juice on your hand. Moreover, this affordable Siquijor Tour Package will give you a total package of experience.

Fish Spa (Balete Tree)

Balete Tree- Fish Spa

You will enjoy the tickling bites of the fishes in your feet. Therefore, tickling will give you a relaxing form of getaway.  It is also said that the Balete Tree is their water source since it’s continuously  flowing from its underground.

Lazi Convent

Siquijor Island Tour Package -Convent Chruch

The oldest convent in Asia. San Isidro Labrador Church is commonly known as Lazi Church and is a Roman Catholic in the municipality of Lazi. The convent was made of sea stones and woods. As time past by, the flooring the woods weakens and it was temporarily close for visitors who wish to go inside. Moreover, the convent is already fixed and back to its operation.

Love Potion (Souvenir)

Siquijor Island Tour Package - Love Potion

A love potion you bought in some souvenir outlets believe to be effective. Hence, it is a form of various roots from different herbals that has skills to make someone like you back.

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